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2021 AIPPI Resolutions Now Available in English, French, German and Spanish


At the 2021 AIPPI World Congress Online, the following four Resolutions to harmonize intellectual property (IP) laws were approved by the AIPPI Executive Committee:

Inventiveness and sufficiency of disclosure in Artificial Intelligence (AI) inventions. Link

Trade Marks
Registrability of trade marks against public order or morality. Link

Industrial designs and the role of prior art. Link

Reasonable awareness in compensation for infringement of IP rights. Link

You can read the full text of each Resolution by clicking on the respective link or download the complete document here.

Speaking about the Resolutions, AIPPI’s Reporter General Anne Marie Verschuur said, “AIPPI’s 2021 Resolutions illustrate both the wide range of IP covered by the Association’s work and the attention for current topics, of which AI is a prime example”.


AIPPI’s global commitment to harmonization of intellectual property laws is reflected in the fact that every Resolution is translated from English into the association’s working languages of French (Brevet / Marque / Dessins / Générale), German (Patent / Marken / Designs / Allgemein) and Spanish (Patente / Marcas / Diseños / General). Translations of all AIPPI Resolutions, as well as thousands of other IP-related documents, can be accessed for free in the online AIPPI library.

“Translations are important because they enhance the reach of our Resolutions,” said Anne Marie Verschuur.

2022 Study Questions 

Looking ahead, the 2022 Study Questions are:

Patentability of diagnostic methods

Trade Marks
Trademarks and the internet and social media

Moral rights

Protection of trade secrets during civil proceedings

These Study Questions will form the basis for the Resolutions to be adopted at the 2022 AIPPI World Congress.

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